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Commercial property insurance

Commercial property insurance

Through this combined insurance of commercial premises and office facilities for owners/tenants of shops, offices, warehouses, restaurants, medical and dental centers, hair salons , travel agencies and other objects in the field of trade and services, provided is insurance protection for property used in carrying out the activity, such as buildings, equipment, furniture, goods, facade windows, office equipment and other against losses caused by:

  •     Fire, including the effects of firefighting;
  •     Explosion of pressure vessel;
  •     Natural disasters: storms, hurricanes, hail, flooding, including falling trees and branches arising from natural disasters;
  •     Leaks of tap water (including forgotten open valves);
  •     Malicious acts of third parties (vandalism );
  •     Impact from a vehicle or flying body with a crew shooting its component parts or cargo.

In combination insurers offer additional coverage of risks:

  •     Burglary
  •     Earthquake

And cover for

  •     Cash /in working and non-working time/;
  •     Liability of the tenant;
  •     Liability to visitors and customers;
  •     Liability of the employer;
  •     Broken glass or wall mirrors and windows;
  •     Deterioration of the goods stored in the refrigerator or freezer;
  •     Goods in transit;