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Health insurance

To meet the increased interest in voluntary health insurance we created a specialized site – Health insurance

Individual or corporate health insurance

Unlike public health system in the voluntary health insurance customers can avoid waiting for examinations and documents and to receive health services not covered by their mandatory health assurance. Voluntary health insurance is the way to get quality and modern medical care when you need it . Individually, your family or corporate, provided by your employer , you will receive a package of advanced medical services by qualified professionals of the best clinics without waiting and without bureaucracy!

Instrade offer comprehensive packages for individual or corporate health insurance offered on the Bulgarian market. As an individual you can receive tax benefits for the year made personal payments for health insurance up to 10 percent of the amount of annual taxable under Art. 19. ( 1 ) of the Personal Income Taxes Law.

According to the Corporate Income Taxes Law a sum up  to 60 lev per month per employee for health insurance , life insurance and additional pension is not taxable.

Health insurance packages offered by different insurers include health services that can be combined and customized according to the wishes of the customers.

Package Patient care

  • Primary and secondary examinations
  • Clinical and laboratory tests
  • Specialized tests
  • Treatment in primary care

Package Hospital care

  • Hospitalization
  • Consultations with specialists
  • Tests
  • Medications
  • Surgery with small and medium complexity

After-care support package

  • Physiotherapy
  • Medical transport

Package Medicine expences

  • Medicines and bandages
  • Facilities

Dental care package

  •    Preventive examinations
  •     Therapeutic activities
  •     Surgery

Package Prevention and screening

  •     Examinations
  •     Laboratory tests
  •     Medical screening