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Household Insurance

Household insurance protects your home or cottage and real and personal property in them in case of theft, robbery, fire, natural disasters, earthquake and malicious acts of third parties (such as breaking windows and doors).

Insurance comes with different levels of coverage in various insurance companies. Almost all insurers offer a variety of clauses by which you can insure your home contents against various risks, including or excluding certain risks. Usually in the base insurance cover the clause Earthquake is not included and must be added and paid in addition.

Insurable property:

  •     residential buildings;
  •     villas ;
  •     outbuildings , garages, workshops, garden structures , etc. ;
  •     a special type of equipment such as satellite dishes, solar heating, greenhouses, mushroom cellars, barns, buildings for poultry or livestock, wells, outdoor fountains, fences and more.

Insurable content:

  •     furniture and other personal property used in the household;
  •     household appliances;
  •     audiovisual and electronic equipment;
  •     commercial property – agricultural machinery, equipment and products, construction equipment, tools, materials, etc.;
  •     art works of high artistic value, expensive clothing, fur coats, designer clothing and more.

Household insurance covers damage caused by :

  •     fire, including the consequences of extinguishing the fire ;
  •     Explosion of pressure vessel ;
  •     natural disasters such as storms, hurricanes , hail, floods, falling trees and branches ;
  •     failure of the water supply ;
  •     malicious acts of third parties (vandalism ) ;
  •     blow from a vehicle or flying body with a crew, drop of its component or parts or cargo;
  •     burglary;
  •     earthquake.

NOTE : Some insurance companies advertise very cheap Home property policies. Keep in mind that the benefits provided by these insurance policies correspond to the insurance premium paid – they are also very low.

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