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IT Sector

Cyber ​​liability insurance for companies in the field of IT technologies. Companies operating in the field of information technology (IT) are subject to specific business insurances.  Whether it is for the supply and / or maintenance of hardware, systems integration , software , web based applications , or other aspect of the IT business , the transfer of the risk of disruption or loss of customer data is not only reasonable move. Often, it is vital for the smooth running of the IT company. Insurance “Cyber ​​Liability” provides protection to qualified professionals against claims made ​​against them for any financial losses to customers in connection with the professional services provided . Insurance provides financial protection to meet the costs and compensation of the damage that could be awarded as compensation. Insurance coverage provides protection for :

  • Professional liability for damages arising from failure to fulfill obligations : that any actual or alleged breach, negligence , act , error , wrong or misleading statement , breach of confidentiality or failure in performance or non-performance of professional services ;
  • Breach of confidentiality;
  • Violation or infringement of intellectual property;
  • Cyber ​​extortion of personal data;
  • Causing financial losses to customers as a result of rogue employees ;
  • Costs for legal protection filed claims.
  • Interruption of the computer network;
  • Cost of participation in court hearings;
  • Liability for outsourcing ;
  • Coverage for destroyed , damaged , lost, distorted or deleted documents;
  • Database – recovery of reasonably incurred costs of finding and restoring database client.