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Material losses

Through combined insurance Material losses you get protection for your production resources – buildings, machinery, equipment, products, goods, inventories and other against losses caused by :

  •     Fire, including the consequences of firefighting, explosion, lightning and impact of a plane or other aircraft or objects falling therefrom;
  •     Natural disasters: storms, hurricanes, hail, floods, falling trees and branches arising from natural disasters;
  •     Landslide or collapse of earth layers;
  •     Severity of natural accumulation of snow or ice;
  •     Wetting because of failure of the water supply;
  •     Malicious acts of third parties (vandalism);
  •     Impact of a vehicle or animal;

You are entitled to cover for the additional costs associated with the occurrence of an insured event such as costs incurred for debris removal, dismantling or demolition, fencing or strengthening, architects and/or experts.

In combination additional cover is offered for risks:

  •    Burglary
  •    Earthquake


  •     Business interruption
  •     Liabilities
  •     Machinery Breakdown