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We are aware that loyalty can only be earned. To earn and maintain our client’s loyalty our team continuously:

  • Provide you with market leading coverage and products
  • Maintain contact with you throughout your policy period
  • Update you with any market changes
  • Conduct regular risk management reviews on your business operation to ensure your insurance program remains tailored to your operation’s specific needs
  • Conduct aggressive renewal negotiations, providing you with alternative options
  • Agree a service plan that meets your expectations
  • Manage your claims to ensure a quick settlement

As an existing or new client of Instrade you will benefit from the fact that we provides confidence, strength, competitive buying power and market leading coverage for your business operation.

New Clients

We understand the trust and reliance you are putting in us when joining us for the first time. To gain your confidence and build your security, in addition to the services detailed above, we will:

  • Assign an account manager best suited to you and your business
  • Fully understand your business operations and your inherent risks
  • Provide you with an analysis of your risk exposures and insurance program
  • Tailor an insurance program that protects you and your operations


Shortlist of our corporate clients

  • Friedricht Ebert Foundation
  • World Bank Representation at Bulgaria
  • NLB Sofia Bank
  • Carlsberg Bulgaria
  • Honda Bulgaria
  • Кока-кола България
  • Raicommerce Constuction
  • Panasonic Bulgaria
  • Planeta Payner
  • Alaminut - Eyevision
  • Privatization Agency
  • Wienerberger Bulgaria
  • Wandergeeten
  • CNsys
  • Fan point
  • HunterBouglas Bulgaria
  • Mezze restourants
  • Merck Bulgaria
  • Gaudi
  • Risk Engenering